Metal Roofing Colors and Your Outdoor Design

Metal Roof Color Choices For Your Home

If you have an apartment, all you have to worry about is your home’s interior design – the color of the walls, the style of the furniture, types of carpets and curtains.

However, if you have a house and a surrounding terrain, your responsibilities are much more interesting and challenging. Which color to choose for painting the house? How to match the color of the house with the landscape? What kind of trees and flowers to plant for the best aesthetic effect? Will you need a gazebo? How about some benches? And the list can go on…

metal roof color chart

The Importance of Your Roof Color

When you’re thinking about all these things, don’t forget that a big role in the general aspect of your outdoor design is played by the color of your roof! Imagine that you have a cool aristocratic exterior design, all in white, beige and warm brown tones and boom! You paint your metal roof in phosphorescent yellow! I’m sure you get the point here.

Even if you’re not a professional designer, you should still be able to distinguish a harmonious color palette from an uninspired one. Even if you opt for a modern style with courageous color combinations, don’t forget that colors still have to relate.

Let me give you guys an example. The outdoor design of my house is done in this color palette (that’s because I like it a lot, it’s very classy! ). Let’s suppose that your house is painted light beige or ivory. The window frames and the doors can be light or darker brown (real wood or wood imitation). You have some trees and a beautiful garden around the house. In this case, you have several options for your roofing. Brown, warm beige or even white metal roof panels OR… why not create the illusion of real clay shingles, like in good old times?

Modern metal roofing is much more durable than all the other types of roofing, but what about the image and the style? Fortunately, nowadays we can combine both durability and style, installing metal roof shingles painted in a classical terracotta red, the color of the old clay shingles. Even if red is a powerful color, if you use it for imitating the look of ceramic tiles, it will look classic and chic!

Would You Paint Your Metal Roof?

Another design solution that will go with any type of landscape is painting your metal roofing in a light color – white, ivory or beige. These colors look very good on any roof and have the benefit of saving your cooling expenses, by reflecting away the heat coming from the summer sun-rays.

If you live in a cold environment and like a warm and cozy home, opt for darker shades for your metal roofing – they will absorb a high percentage of the sun’s heat, reducing your heating expenses. When choosing a darker color, don’t forget about your exterior design! The terracotta red I mentioned above is always a good solution. Then there is the classical brown, the original burgundy and the modest gray. Black is also an option, but you really need a good imagination for making a black roof look harmonious!

Blue or green colors for your metal roofing are good options as well. Green shades are perfect for a house surrounded by luxurious vegetation – your home will look like an indissoluble part of nature! If you have a beach house, why not imagine a sea-inspired exterior design, with a light blue metal roofing that will look like a bridge between the sky and the sea?

Metal roofing colors give you unlimited options for creating the most interesting outdoor designs!